~ 2012 - 2015 ~
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Encounters, riso'd, Half-LTR, 2015

Available here.

From Ian:
“a departure from earlier more autobiographical works with names and facts unabridged, with this work I was very interested in the artifice engrained into daily interaction and the failure of the body to portray desire. the internal dialogues that manifest as a result narrate each piece. culling information from interactions i’ve observed in public sectors, online, and in my own personal relationships, each story is the product of several unrelated interactions and experiences, creating a new fictional narrative. the interactions among characters feel stunted and awkward— a membrane of artifice obstructs a potential for intimacy. a beyond-the-grave aristocrat expresses her disdain for the young socialites who own her now vintage designer garments. a shoplifter has lunch with a mentally challenged woman to fulfill a community service quota.”

http://slowyouth.info/files/gimgs/th-6_encounters ian lewandowski 2.jpg
http://slowyouth.info/files/gimgs/th-6_encounters ian lewandowski.jpg